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We are at the forefront of innovation.
Discover with us the possibilities of your next project.





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Our Vision

Our vision is to provide innovative technological approach for clients to zeal their business. It starts with client & experts knowledge together to get to the core of clients business objectives and develop the best solution for them. Our client central approach to technology make us unique in industry.

Our mission is to offer dynamic and unique ideas that will ensure your existence stand out from the rest of your competitors. SSS focuses on use of next-Gen technology and meticulous approach to give a new face to your ideas.

K KIRAN KUMAR,CEO,Zodiac Outsourcing

Our Approach

We basically focus on Innovation , Talent, creativity instead pf going for the conventional methods, technologies because we believe in creating history instead of reading it.

Talent and Creativity means everything to us only those assets are the foundation of our organization.

Writing, Efficient, Accurate and reliable coding is our main area of concern.

We believe the design should be eye cache and best in technology.

As a trusted member of our team, client satisfaction is our top priority

We maintain the quality with our product and process of managing the organization , thats why we provide the quality service to our client

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Our Services


We are best with the one of the best platform in the history of programming language.However, when Java is promoted as the sole programming language.

Web Design and SEO

Zodiac Outsourcing Services is a leading Search Engine Optimization Company that has been delivering the top results and exceptional services for over a decade. .

Mobile and Tablet Apps

A mobile application, most commonly referred as an app, is a type of software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer.

Cloud Computing

Cloud is both a catalyst and a connector. Cloud offers the ability to source, scale and deliver computing capacity on demand. Powered by a public, private or hybrid cloud.

Training and Development

We have a nice and experienced team of a trainer who takes care of technical skill as well as personality development skills. so, we are one of the best training providers.

Customer service

Giving our client quality maintenance service is our major part of concern. So we provide maintenance to our client in terms of web services and software development.


Ambuja Suresh


After surviving for last 10 year in the IT field, we proved that we have a skill set to provide a quality product and quality services competing with tech giants and contribute in the development of programming languages.



Entrepreneurship is something which amazed me and motivated me to do hard work and achieve my goal. Earning money is not a big deal, but having a job satisfaction is everything to me.Thats why we are here.

Pritam Priya

HR Manager

I believe creation is not something that Cher is us while having the life, but something which lives forever and keeps reminding our name in mankind's history that is why we gather here in Zodiac Outsourcing to achieve this feat.

Zodiac Outsourcing

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